The Ottawa Drum Club is considering adding a few new members. If you are an experienced rudimental drummer or percussionist who can read music, please contact Chuck St-Jean or Mike Monette for more details.

Like the PGA Senior Tour, the members of the Heritage Hands Ottawa Drum Club are out to prove that there is drumming after the age of 55... err... make that 60. We are a bilingual percussion ensemble with a mission of promoting Canada's rich history of precision rudimental drumming while having fun performing in front of all types of audiences. The club was formed in 1998 and is comprised of some of the top rudimental and kit players in the National Capital area, some of whom have been friends for over 45 years. Our repertoire ranges from the historic classics to more rhythmic world beat sounds of today, some based on latin beats and some based on unusual “time signature” works of various jazz legends.

Since its inception, the club has taken part in many concerts in Ontario and Quebec. To name a few, we have performed at various museums around the National Capital Region in addition to playing at many festivals and events as well as different concert halls, including the famous Shenkman Arts Centre and the new Ottawa Convention Centre.

The club has also been honoured to open for various drum clinics such as the ones that featured Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, Kenny Aronoff and the great Billy Cobham.

Should you require any additional information, do not hesitate to contact one of our members listed in the contact link above. Should you wish to see where we performed this year, click on the link entitled Upcoming events. Finally, should you wish to see part of our show, please view our video at the bottom of our homepage.

wm_1_2004.jpg (197356 bytes)
Canadian War Museum, Ottawa
September 2004

cbc_6.jpg (151510 bytes)
"Doors Open" CBC, Ottawa
June 2005

wm_1_2005.jpg (175388 bytes)
New Canadian War Museum, Ottawa
May 2005

bc_1.jpg (57857 bytes)
Billy Cobham, Ottawa
May 2006

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Kenny Aronoff, 
Capital Music Hall Ottawa
June 2005

ka_4.jpg (94990 bytes)
Kenny Aronoff, 
Capital Music Hall Ottawa
June 2005
nny Aronoff, 
Capital Music Hall, Ottawa - 
Juin 2005